White Pista Chocolates

White chocolates taste equally good as the milk and the dark chocolate. Only if you knew how easily they are made at home.


  • 300gms White chocolate compound (I use the dairy land compound)
  • 1 tbsp. corn oil
  • Handful whole Pistas
  • Chocolate silicon trays


  • Use the double boiler, in a pan boil some water, coarsely chop the white compound and place it in a glass bowl and place this bowl inside the pan.
  • You will see the chocolate melting, once it melts add oil and keep mixing until you get a shiny look.
  • Finally use a spoon to pour the mixture into the silicon chocolate tray, place one pista in the shape and cover it up with more chocolate.
  • Freeze for 15mins and they are ready! enjoy


3 responses to “White Pista Chocolates”

  1. Regina Avatar

    Wooooww.. This is as bust as ABC.. I love the shapes.. I’ll make this for my kids.. I’m sure they’ll love it .. Thank you Dhruti

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  2. Trishna Chitroda Avatar
    Trishna Chitroda

    Deliciouss nyum

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dhruti's Kitchen Avatar

      Trishna my dear, thanks so so much for the support, love always, blessed be


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